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We are seeking repairers for our new “Eco Green Team”

We are looking to create a network of loyal customers to help publicise the excellent work they do in repairing more and replacing less.

Members of the new network, to be known as the ‘Eco Green Team’, will benefit from comprehensive business support from Eco in publicising the repair work they do.

Trevor Ferris explained: “Our plan is to build a bespoke network of repairers who use our systems and share our values of repairing more and replacing less, as well as showing a longer-term commitment to a carbon-neutral working environment.

“Our role in the Eco Green Team will be to showcase the excellent work done by these repairers every day. We want to ensure it’s recognised as good practice by insurers and fleet operators as pressure builds across the industry to stop throwing away components that can be repaired safely, effectively and economically.”

As well as promoting the skills and services of Eco Green Team members to work providers and fleet operators, we will also offer exclusive discounts on equipment purchases and consumables as well as social media and marketing support.

Any business generated through the Eco Green Team operation will be arranged directly between the repairer and the provider.

Keep checking our website and social media for further updates to the Eco Green Team, or call us on 07834 620464 or email to find out more details.


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