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The importance of proper sanitising in response to the COVID-19 pandemic

All businesses – not just repairers – have a similar goal: to earn a profit while keeping team members and customers comfortable and safe. During the coronavirus pandemic, businesses must adapt quickly so that they can re-open, stay open and operate safely again.

We all want to be sure we are doing what is required to keep staff and the public safe in as efficient a manner as possible. This includes regular and effective sanitising and disinfecting techniques to limit the spread of the coronavirus.

Here at Eco Repair Systems, we know that having a clean business environment is now more important than ever. That’s why we’re proud to introduce you to HYGIENE – the system that lets you sanitise any work environment in a few minutes. With HYGIENE you can sanitise in a few minutes… the cockpit of a vehicle, the workstations and desks of an office, company locker rooms, meeting rooms, waiting rooms, production machines used by different workers and many other environments. The sanitising treatment is carried out by atomising a disinfectant on surfaces and in the environments you need to treat. Using a medical-grade air compressor that’s coated on the inside to prevent rust, hygiene sprays the disinfectant where it’s needed and in the right concentration.

How it works:

HYGIENE’s sanitising treatment is carried out by atomising a disinfectant on surfaces and in the environments we need to treat. We recommend the use of a professional and certified product. The disinfectant is sprayed with a medical-grade air compressor that has some special features. For example, there’s an internal coating to the air tank which prevents rust. Also, the system works without lubrication, so there is no risk of oil emulsifying with moisture – and no contamination of the sprayed air.

What’s included?

HYGIENE is supplied complete with sanitisation dispensing gun and spiral tube, user maintenance manual and a 10-litre container of Sanibact bactericidal and virucidal disinfectant.

Next steps

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