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Soft Push System

Welcome to a whole new generation of tools for effective PDR repair.

The sets we offer can be used by all repair technicians, regardless of their experience level. There’s an extensive contact surface on all the tips that makes the BEA bars excellent for simple, speedy repairs on open spaces.

We offer three different sets with a combination of three different bars and a good selection of tips.

The BEA 1 bar has an aluminium extension, meaning it can extend up to 170cm – very convenient when the damage you need to repair is not close to hand. There is a selection of seven interchangeable tips (some of which are rubber coated to eliminate the risk of additional damage) and two types of end piece, one angled and the other straight.

Experts reckon your experienced PDR specialists can reduce the time needed for roof, bonnet or boot repairs by up to 30 per cent. The BEA 1 is an ideal tool to pre-push bigger dents, starting with the soft tips and later introducing the sharp tips opposite the soft tips.

The BEA 2 and BEA 3 bars are designed for use repairing dents on doors and rear wings. They are available in two different lengths and diameters. Each of them has three exchangeable tips – a bullet tip, a swivel head and a ball head.