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Small Damage Repair

Fast, effective dent removal is a key part of a repairer’s business. Our line-up of dent reduction technology lets your technicians reduce and remove soft dents without the need for painting or refinishing.

You can expect consistently high-quality results, with reduced cycle times. So your workshop productivity increases, your profit improves and your customers appreciate the reduced cycle times.

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T-Hotbox PDR

The handheld system for dent removal offering precise control over heat delivery.

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T-Hotbox Mech

The T-HotBox Mech lets you make rapid progress in shifting anything that won’t undo.

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T-Hotbox ALU

The T-Hotbox ALU is a specialist handheld unit to remove dents from aluminium.

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PDR Sets

We provide an extensive line-up of PDR tools in all sorts of shapes and sizes.

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Soft Push System

Welcome to a whole new generation of tools for effective PDR repair.

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Portable LED Light

The LED light is long lasting and only needs a small amount of current.

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Cordless LED Light

High quality small damage repair requires excellent LED lights that are flexible and easy to position.

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Cadif Infrared Panel

The Cadif panel offers a simple and efficient way to cure paint.

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