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Plastic Fusion

Boost profitability with efficient, high quality steel panel repairs

Approved and recommended by BMW, Rolls Royce and MINI, Flatliner is a complete steel panel repair workstation that enables technicians to work quickly and precisely to produce consistently high quality repairs.

Soft dent reduction or removal made simple

This flexible, compact, hand-held unit makes the process of removing and reducing smaller dents simple and efficient.

Heat delivery times and power levels can be easily adjusted and the T-hotbox can also be supplied with a C-Block for mechanical applications.

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Fast, precise induction heating

Our compact, convenient induction heater allows you to heat any components quickly and to a precise temperature.

Rapid, effective repair for small dents

These glue pulling systems are effective and simple to operate. Ideal for use on box sections and aluminium or inaccessible vehicle panels.

High quality lighting solutions for estimators and technicians

Our comprehensive range of specialised task lights optimise lighting conditions to help identify damage more easily and facilitate high quality repair. The Starled light is approved and recommended by BMW, Rolls Royce and MINI.

An essential item for every panel technician

These flexible bars ensure rapid, easy and clean repairs on open surfaces. Use their soft tips (supplied) to pre-push bigger dents, and finish with the sharp tips.

Full range of high quality tools for Bodyshops and PDR professionals

Choose from a range of PDR rods and tool sets that will make light work of small dents and hailstone damage.

Convenient, fast, energy-efficient drying.

Our highly portable, low energy infrared drying system is ideal for curing filler or drying rollprimer in the workshop – increasing productivity and saving booth time and space.

A complete steel panel repair system in a ‘slimline’ package

Slimliner is Flatliner’s baby brother and shares the same Digispot welder and other engineered componentry that’s been approved and recommended by BMW, Rolls Royce and MINI. It enables technicians to work quickly and precisely to produce consistently high quality steel panel repairs.

Top quality, portable spot welder

This small form factor spot welder delivers a top quality spot weld and, with a range of well designed accessories, can be turned into a compact dent pulling system.

Everything you need for a professional aluminium repair

Approved and recommended by BMW, Rolls Royce and MINI, the Alu-Flatliner is a comprehensive aluminium panel repair workstation – ideal for body shops undertaking a higher number of aluminium repairs.

A complete aluminium panel repair system in a ‘slimline’ package

Approved and recommended by BMW, Rolls Royce and MINI, the Alu-Slimliner is a scaled down aluminium repair station that enables technicians to work quickly and precisely to produce consistently high quality aluminum repairs.

Powerful glue pull system for larger dents

Using the Dentliner pulling bridge, this system enables technicians to repair larger steel or aluminium panel damage without the need for spot or stud welding.

Increase efficiency with this range of innovative accessories

Whether you’re purchasing a new panel repair system or wanting to add to an existing one, our range of accessories will increase the quality of your repairs and help boost your profitability.

Spare parts and consumable items for our Panel Repair Systems

We carry a comprehensive stock of spare parts and consumable items for our steel and aluminium panel repair systems. To place an order please call us or send us an email. To benefit from regular discounts on all of our consumables please ask about joining our Advantage Club.

The next generation system for high quality plastic repair

Plastic Fusion uses nitrogen to increase the integrity and strength of the weld. Easy to use, repairers can undertake a wide range of plastic repairs, to a consistently high quality (including bumpers; wheel arch liners; headlamps; wing mirror housings and other plastic parts)

Effective low cost plastic welding kit

With a range of shaped tips, this low cost kit is perfect for smaller bodyshops.

A wide section of pull tabs for effective glue pulling

Download and refer to our comparison chart for details about the application and benefits of each of our range of glue tabs. There are also summer and winter glues, designed for optimal performance in different ambient temperature ranges.

Consumable items for thermoplastic and thermoset plastic repairs

We carry a comprehensive stock of specialised resins, welding strips and staples for plastic repairs. Place an order before 3pm for delivery the next working day.

Product Image Product name and code What’s in the kit (bullet point list)
Plastic Fusion Pro_9 Plastic Fusion Professional Package (55900) Plastic Fusion Professional Station, including nitrogen bottle holder
In-built hot stapler
Variable speed grinder
Flat head vice grips
50 x PP based universal weld strips (10210)
1 x 50ml EcoFlex
Chemical repair kit for thermoset plastics, including:o 1 x 50ml EcoBond;- 1 x 50ml EcoFast;

– 12 x mixer tips;

– 1 x roll reinforcing film; and

– 1 x roll clear film

1-day off-site plastic repair training course for 1 technician

 Variable Speed Grinder_1 Variable Speed Grinder (10431)
Flathead Vice Grip_1 Flat head vice grips (10430)
Triangular blade scraper (50202)
Welding Strip_2 Flat welding strip (10210) 50 per pack
Tack Angle_1 Angle staple (10050)
Tack Large S_1 S Staple – large (10051)
Tack Small S_1 S Staple – small (10052)