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Plastic Repair

Having the technology – and the skills – to repair plastic panels to a consistently high standard is vital these days. Our Plastic systems aim to offer you a complete plastic repair solution, whether you are welding or using chemical repair methods.

Combine the fusion unit with the highly convenient welding strips and your technicians can make light work of thermoplastic repairs. Take advantage of the presets and get working on profitable plastic repair immediately. All you have to do is connect your compressed air line to our built-in nitrogen generator and you will be ready to start. Alternatively our systems work alongside the standard nitrogen gas cylinders (available from your supplier). All the basic tools – for every stage of the repair process – are included. Choose versions offering dual gas (hot air and nitrogen via tank) and the self-contained nitrogen production.

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Plastic Fusion

Our Plastic Fusion Welding System ensures strong plastic repairs, using nitrogen to increase the integrity and strength of any weld.

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Plastic Rep

Our flexible Plastic Rep system offers you the capability to weld or glue a repair, depending on the material and type of repair available.

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Plastic Resins

Manufactured specifically for us, the resins are designed to be used as part of the repair process for automotive plastic components.

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Texture Kits

Our Bumpertex texture kits provide a consistently top-quality finish. Both coarse and fine texture finishes are available.

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