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Plastic Repair Training Partnership Launched by Eco Repair Systems and FMG Repair Services across its network

Eco Repair Systems, a leading supplier of repair equipment for the vehicle body repair industry, is pleased to announce a new training partnership with FMG Repair Services, one of the leading and largest comprehensive automotive repairers in the UK, with 65 repair sites nationwide. The partnership will see Eco Repair Systems supply its latest plastic repair equipment to the FMG Repair Services bodyshop group and for use in its dedicated IMI Approved technical training centre. The training centre will provide plastic repair training to the FMG Repair Services network and externally to Bodyshops in the industry who purchase equipment from Eco Repair Systems.

The training partnership is designed to meet the growing demand for skilled plastic repair technicians and is a commitment to improving the skills and knowledge in plastic repair to deliver consistently high standards at speed, without compromising on quality, which will ultimately benefit all parties in the repair chain.

By providing technicians with the training they need to repair plastic components, Eco Repair Systems and FMG Repair Bodyshops are helping to reduce the amount of plastic waste that ends up in landfills, with the philosophy ‘repair more, replace less’

Commenting on the partnership, Eco Repair Systems Director, Clive Ferris said: “We are delighted to partner with FMG Repair Services to deliver this new training programme. With this programme, FMGRS are leading the way for quick and efficient plastic repair over its network, and we are confident that our partnership will help to meet the growing demand for skilled plastic repair technicians.”

FMG Repair Services UK Optimisation Manager, Matthew Robinson added: “We are excited to partner with Eco Repair Systems to offer our bodyshops access to the latest plastic repair equipment. Eco Repair Systems body repair equipment is trusted by professionals for its reliability, performance, and innovation and we have no doubt that our partnership will grow and help us to continue to provide the highest quality repair methodology with the requisite training programmes to support.”

About Eco Repair Systems
Eco Repair Systems is the UK’s leading supplier of high-quality body repair equipment, trusted by professionals for its reliability, performance, and innovation. About FMG Repair Services

About FMG Repair Services
FMG Repair Services is the leading and largest, comprehensive automotive repairer in the UK, with over 60 Repair Centres nationwide, Mobile Repair, Glass Repair and Replacement service. FMG Repair Services boasts one of the broadest ranges of repair solutions and services in the industry today.

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