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Our new video highlights Speedline glue-pulling system

A new video from Eco Repair Systems is now available, demonstrating the effectiveness of its brand new Speedline glue puller technology.

The video, lasting less than five minutes, follows a technician through a repair using the Speedline system, from the first steps of marking out the damage, right through to glue application, pulling the damaged area and knocking down any remaining high spots.

Glue pull plays a vital role in any repair workshop, allowing technicians to remove dents from the outside of vehicles by applying specially-formulated hot glue to a series of plastic tabs. These tabs are then applied to the damaged area, where once cool they can be pulled away from the panel with a mini-lifter or slide hammer to move the damaged area out.

Trevor Ferris, managing director of Eco Repair Systems, said:  “The key advantage of this kind of repair technique is that it preserves most if not all of a vehicle panel’s original finish, therefore requiring little or no paint or filler.

“The integrity of any panel rust protection and coatings applied by the manufacturer is maintained, and the only additional work is likely to be in knocking down any highspots and applying minimal amounts of filler, primer and paint.

“Speedline is fast, flexible and strong, whether you have a small or more significant dent to pull out.

“For a simple repair, simply glue on the pull-knobs, then let them cool and ease them up with the Speedline mini-lifter. Complete the job by knocking down in the usual way.

“When you’re looking to reduce larger areas of damage, you can also obtain excellent results from Speedline, particularly when you use it in combination with some of Eco’s other panel repair tools and techniques.”

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