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Nitrogen is key to cleaner, greener plastic welding

We have just published a short podcast episode setting out the environmental and economic benefits of using nitrogen when repairing plastic.

In the short video, Eco managing director Trevor Ferris sets out the problems caused by the presence of oxygen during a welding operation, and puts forward the benefits of using hot nitrogen.

Why use nitrogen?

Using traditional heat guns causes the plastic to burn, leading to the creation of toxic fumes and compromising the integrity of the finished weld.

Introducing our nitrogen welding system allows a technician to eliminate all the oxygen from around the site of a weld, using the nitrogen as a shielding gas. This means the plastic cannot burn and there are no potentially harmful contaminants created.

It also means a much purer, stronger weld with no oxidisation.

Repair techniques required for Eco’s Plastic Fusion technology are simple and quick to learn. Access to Eco’s bespoke online training course is included in the price of any purchase or rental of the equipment.

Technicians will swiftly be able to undertake a wide range of consistently top quality plastic repairs on bumpers, wheel arch liners, headlamps, wing mirror housings and other plastic parts.

For more information on our plastic fusion system click here.

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