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Introducing rental opportunities from Eco Repair Systems

Introducing rental opportunities from Eco Repair Systems

  • Get up and running on a top-of-the-range plastic repair system for a monthly cost that’s less than two average bumper repairs
  • Full access to training is included
  • No need to use up your hard-earnt cash or to borrow money
  • Fixed costs mean simple planning

Have you ever thought of renting equipment for your repair business? If you’re less than enthusiastic about burying yourself into a loan to cover the cost of purchasing new equipment, then a simple rental agreement with Eco Repair Systems could be ideal for your business is increasing every passing day.

The team at Eco have compiled a line-up of answers to frequently-asked questions about rental of their systems.

Frequently Asked Questions about our Rental Equipment

Should I rent or buy the equipment for my business?

That depends on your situation. We are making rentals available because we know of many businesses who know they have a good supply of work but who are reluctant to commit to a sizeable capital outlay.

Are there a lot of conditions and paperwork if I rent with Eco?

No. With an Eco rental agreement, we don’t ask for two years’ of accounts or personal guarantees. Agreements last six months, and cost of a deposit followed by six monthly payments.

Can you give some idea of cost?

Yes of course. Our top-of-the-range Plastic Fusion Pro system, which makes its own nitrogen, will cost you £161 per month (plus VAT). Based on 20 working days per month, that’s just £8 per day, or £1 per hour. If you reckon that an insurer would offer two hours for a modest bumper or headlamp repair, then you can see that it really doesn’t take many jobs of this kind to pay for your month’s rental.

Is it just plastic systems included?

No. As well as plastic systems you can choose any of our systems right across the board, from small damage to steel and aluminium panel repair. Of course, terms vary depending on the system you wish, but the rental agreements are all affordable and straightforward.

As a rental customer, would I get access to the same training you offer to firms who buy your systems?

Yes of course. We want your team to get the most from the system or systems you choose, so you will be given access to our brand new online training academy, as well as being able to contact our experts at any time with technical queries.

What are the next steps?

Call 07834 620464 or email [email protected] and we can answer any questions you may have.

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