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For fast, effective glue pull, stick with Speedline from Eco!

Speedline is fast, flexible and strong, whether you have a small or more significant dent to repair.

A brand new glue pulling system is now available from Eco Repair Systems. The Speedline system joins the line-up of technology designed to help technicians work precisely, efficiently and swiftly on a range of steel and aluminium repairs.

Speedline is available in three versions: Eco, Business and Pro. It can be configured as a single comprehensive system for use across the whole workshop, or as several satellite systems, ideal for individual work stations in busier repair shops.

Each system consists of various sizes of pull knob to deal with different types and severity of damage. Both straight and flexible Speedline strips are available, the latter for use on curved or round surfaces.

Glue pull allows technicians to remove dents from the outside of vehicles by applying specially-formulated hot glue to a plastic tab. The tab is then applied to the damaged area, where once cool it can be pulled away from the panel with a mini-lifter or slide hammer to move the damaged area out.

Eco managing director Trevor Ferris commented: “Glue pull plays a vital role in the repair workshop, whether for steel or aluminium panels. That’s why we are excited to be offering Speedline, which we know will quickly earn its keep.

“Speedline is fast, flexible and strong, whether you have a small or more significant dent to repair. For a small and simple repair, S=simply glue on the pull-knobs, then let them cool and ease them up with the Speedline mini-lifter. Complete the job by knocking down in the usual way.

“When you’re looking to reduce larger areas of damage, you can also obtain excellent results from Speedline, particularly when you use it in combination with some of Eco’s other panel repair tools and techniques.”

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We have launched a glue-pull promotion to coincide with this new product. Any repairer buying two packs of glue sticks (priced at £27.65 each) will also receive a new glue gun (costing £18) free of charge. Just order the glue as normal in the shopping cart*

*This promotion is available only once per customer.

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