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Check out our new brochures for small damage, panel, and plastic repair

We’re excited to be publishing a line-up of three brand new brochures, covering our industry-leading line-up of systems for panel, small damage and plastic repair.

The brochures demonstrate our commitment to supporting bodyshops like yours in the task of completing consistently high-quality repairs to plastic, steel and aluminium components.

They share the look and feel of our brand new website, and they make the process of finding out more, contacting us and ordering as quick and simple as possible.

Plastic repair

Our technology allows your technicians to carry out consistently high quality repairs to components that may once have been destined for the disposal bin. No surprise that plastic repair is now an essential part of running any profitable business!

Using our Plastic Fusion Welding System ensures consistently strong plastic repairs, with nitrogen used to increase the integrity and strength of a weld. The system is straightforward easy to use for repairs to bumpers, wheel arch liners, headlamps, wing mirror housings and other plastic parts.

Panel Repair

We provides a comprehensive selection of powerful and innovative panel repair tools, designed to ensure your technicians complete a wide range of repairs to damaged body panels from the outside. The new brochure introduces you to Flatliner, one of the most innovative, flexible and efficient steel and aluminium panel repair systems available today.

Flatliner allows efficient repairs of small to medium collision damage on car panels without the need for lengthy strip and refit routines.

As well as Flatliner, the brochure gives details of the more compact Slimliner. Both are also available for aluminium repairs.

Small damage repair

As a repairer you will recognise the importance of fast, effective dent removal as a key part of your business. Our dent reduction technology lets your technicians reduce and remove soft dents without the need for painting or refinishing.

At the heart of the range is T-HotBox, a hand-held unit that’s simple to use and highly effective in the reduction and removal of dents, without the need for any painting or refinishing. Your technician maintains precise control over heat delivery, with a much lower risk of damaging the paint. There is also a T-HotBox model created especially for fast, effective aluminium repairs.

As well as T-HotBox, the brochure gives details of Glue Puller sets and paintless dent removal systems, where your technicians have access to the rear side of damaged panels.

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