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  1. Make the most of your PDR investment

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    Anyone seeking to boost the profitability of their workshop this year should look closely at the opportunities offered by good paintless dent removal (PDR) equipment, according to Eco Repair Systems.

    The majority of vehicles that come into a bodyshop for repair have additional small dents, most of which could be dealt with using an effective PDR system such as Eco’s T-HotBox, alongside a good hand-held or portable PDR Light.

    This allows repairers the opportunity to offer their customers a cost-effective option to reduce or remove them.

    “T-HotBox offers a simple yet highly effective process for profitable reduction and removal of small dents, without the need for any painting or refinishing,” explains Eco managing director Trevor Ferris.

    “We believe any experienced PDR technicians will quickly appreciate what T-HotBox can do and how to get the most from it. They will also understand its limitations.

    “For example, its primary purpose is to assist in the reduction or removal of dents, particularly if they are small or soft.  On the other hand, it will not remove sharp dents and it won’t correct stretched metal, even on very small areas.”

    Ensuring optimum levels of lighting is a vital part of the PDR process, in particular during the initial and final inspections. Eco’s range of cordless and plug-in reflective lamps are designed to be easily adjustable and to give wide and continuous light bands, while using only small amounts of electricity.

    Eco’s tips for best PDR lighting

    • There are three main aspects to consider when setting up a light for damage analysis. This is one of the main problem areas for anyone new to this type of repair method.
    • Don’t place the light too close to the panel you’re inspecting. Make sure the light sits so that no part of a dent is in shadow. Towards the end of a repair, move the light further away as this will better show the general area and any imperfections.
    • Always make sure the light is parallel to the surface you’re repairing.
    • Change the light angle after you have completed most of a repair. This is because the dent can’t be seen completely from one side.
  2. Five things to remember before embarking on aluminium panel repair

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    High aluminium costs mean it makes sound economic sense to repair rather than replace a damaged panel wherever possible.

    But before getting stuck into repairing aluminium damage, we encourage repairers to ensure they know when to repair and when to accept that replacement may be the more appropriate option.

    Because aluminium panels tend to be more expensive than their steel counterparts, there’s an even more compelling argument for the economics of repairing rather than replacing them. However, a more extensively damaged aluminium panel cannot be put right by stretching and filling in the way that steel can be, so in this situation, a panel is more likely to need replacing.

    5 important points to remember when repairing aluminium

    1. Not all aluminium is the same. So it’s vital that you identify the type you’ll be working with, and that you understand how it will perform.
    2. With aluminium, there’s no going back! Unlike steel, aluminium forgets its original form once it has been reshaped.
    3. Aluminium is strengthened when it’s bent or squeezed. This is known as ‘work hardening’. Because it’s an alloy, its crystalline structure becomes more complex and less slippage can occur. However, as well as hardening, it’s more likely to split or crack if too much force is applied.
    4. Some like it hot. To repair and pull a damaged area of aluminium, you’ll need to get the panel temperature right up to around 400 degrees Fahrenheit (204 degrees Celsius) to allow the metal to anneal sufficiently to rework.
    5. Save the panel if you can. By using a comprehensive aluminium dent-pulling system such as Eco’s ALU-Flatliner, you can save more panels AND push more labour hours through your workshop.

    As aluminium is finding its way into more and more car parts, it makes sound business sense for repairers to ensure their technicians have the right skills and equipment to capitalise on the opportunities for profitable aluminium repair.

  3. For fast, effective glue pull, stick with Speedline from Eco!

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    Speedline is fast, flexible and strong, whether you have a small or more significant dent to repair.

    A brand new glue pulling system is now available from Eco Repair Systems. The Speedline system joins the line-up of technology designed to help technicians work precisely, efficiently and swiftly on a range of steel and aluminium repairs.

    Speedline is available in three versions: Eco, Business and Pro. It can be configured as a single comprehensive system for use across the whole workshop, or as several satellite systems, ideal for individual work stations in busier repair shops.

    Each system consists of various sizes of pull knob to deal with different types and severity of damage. Both straight and flexible Speedline strips are available, the latter for use on curved or round surfaces.

    Glue pull allows technicians to remove dents from the outside of vehicles by applying specially-formulated hot glue to a plastic tab. The tab is then applied to the damaged area, where once cool it can be pulled away from the panel with a mini-lifter or slide hammer to move the damaged area out.

    Eco managing director Trevor Ferris commented: “Glue pull plays a vital role in the repair workshop, whether for steel or aluminium panels. That’s why we are excited to be offering Speedline, which we know will quickly earn its keep.

    “Speedline is fast, flexible and strong, whether you have a small or more significant dent to repair. For a small and simple repair, S=simply glue on the pull-knobs, then let them cool and ease them up with the Speedline mini-lifter. Complete the job by knocking down in the usual way.

    “When you’re looking to reduce larger areas of damage, you can also obtain excellent results from Speedline, particularly when you use it in combination with some of Eco’s other panel repair tools and techniques.”

    Click here to download our exclusive glue repair brochure

    contact us for more details

    We have launched a glue-pull promotion to coincide with this new product. Any repairer buying two packs of glue sticks (priced at £27.65 each) will also receive a new glue gun (costing £18) free of charge. Just order the glue as normal in the shopping cart*

    *This promotion is available only once per customer.

  4. Boost profitability with free training offer from Eco Repair Systems

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    • Long-standing customers can access free online training specific to the plastic, small damage and panel repair systems they have purchased in the past

    • Don’t let expensive equipment sit underused in your workshop. Maximise its value with some refresher training your technicians, says specialist technology provider

    Specialist equipment and technology provider Eco Repair Systems is encouraging its long-standing customers to ensure they continue to gain the maximum benefit from their investment in its repair tools, with an offer of free online refresher training for their technicians.

    Quality training is central to the success and profitability of any workshop, according to Eco. What’s more, giving technicians a thorough knowledge of the tools and techniques at their disposal is an excellent motivational tool.

    In addition to the online training offer, Eco is also happy to organise customised technical training courses through its recent alliance with preferred training partner Cornerstone Technologies.

    Eco managing director Trevor Ferris said: “We have always taken great pride in the excellent quality of our technical training. Our newest programmes offer the convenience of online delivery, and we are committed to ensuring that any Eco customer – past or present – continues to get the very most from its investment in our technology.

    “So if you have one of our systems in your workshop that’s under-utilised, now is the time to take full advantage of our training offer and ensure all your technicians are up to date with their knowledge of how a system works and what possibilities it offers for top-quality, profitable repair.”

    Click here to visit our training area.

    A suite of brand new videos has just been added to Eco’s virtual training area. Any organisation wishing to access the training is invited to contact a member of the Eco sales team (

  5. Check out our new brochures for small damage, panel, and plastic repair

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    We’re excited to be publishing a line-up of three brand new brochures, covering our industry-leading line-up of systems for panel, small damage and plastic repair.

    The brochures demonstrate our commitment to supporting bodyshops like yours in the task of completing consistently high-quality repairs to plastic, steel and aluminium components.

    They share the look and feel of our brand new website, and they make the process of finding out more, contacting us and ordering as quick and simple as possible.

    Plastic repair

    Our technology allows your technicians to carry out consistently high quality repairs to components that may once have been destined for the disposal bin. No surprise that plastic repair is now an essential part of running any profitable business!

    Using our Plastic Fusion Welding System ensures consistently strong plastic repairs, with nitrogen used to increase the integrity and strength of a weld. The system is straightforward easy to use for repairs to bumpers, wheel arch liners, headlamps, wing mirror housings and other plastic parts.

    Panel Repair

    We provides a comprehensive selection of powerful and innovative panel repair tools, designed to ensure your technicians complete a wide range of repairs to damaged body panels from the outside. The new brochure introduces you to Flatliner, one of the most innovative, flexible and efficient steel and aluminium panel repair systems available today.

    Flatliner allows efficient repairs of small to medium collision damage on car panels without the need for lengthy strip and refit routines.

    As well as Flatliner, the brochure gives details of the more compact Slimliner. Both are also available for aluminium repairs.

    Small damage repair

    As a repairer you will recognise the importance of fast, effective dent removal as a key part of your business. Our dent reduction technology lets your technicians reduce and remove soft dents without the need for painting or refinishing.

    At the heart of the range is T-HotBox, a hand-held unit that’s simple to use and highly effective in the reduction and removal of dents, without the need for any painting or refinishing. Your technician maintains precise control over heat delivery, with a much lower risk of damaging the paint. There is also a T-HotBox model created especially for fast, effective aluminium repairs.

    As well as T-HotBox, the brochure gives details of Glue Puller sets and paintless dent removal systems, where your technicians have access to the rear side of damaged panels.

    Click here to download our brochures


  6. Introducing rental opportunities from Eco Repair Systems

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    Introducing rental opportunities from Eco Repair Systems

    • Get up and running on a top-of-the-range plastic repair system for a monthly cost that’s less than two average bumper repairs
    • Full access to training is included
    • No need to use up your hard-earnt cash or to borrow money
    • Fixed costs mean simple planning

    Have you ever thought of renting equipment for your repair business? If you’re less than enthusiastic about burying yourself into a loan to cover the cost of purchasing new equipment, then a simple rental agreement with Eco Repair Systems could be ideal for your business is increasing every passing day.

    The team at Eco have compiled a line-up of answers to frequently-asked questions about rental of their systems.

    Frequently Asked Questions about our Rental Equipment

    Should I rent or buy the equipment for my business?

    That depends on your situation. We are making rentals available because we know of many businesses who know they have a good supply of work but who are reluctant to commit to a sizeable capital outlay.

    Are there a lot of conditions and paperwork if I rent with Eco?

    No. With an Eco rental agreement, we don’t ask for two years’ of accounts or personal guarantees. Agreements last six months, and cost of a deposit followed by six monthly payments.

    Can you give some idea of cost?

    Yes of course. Our top-of-the-range Plastic Fusion Pro system, which makes its own nitrogen, will cost you £161 per month (plus VAT). Based on 20 working days per month, that’s just £8 per day, or £1 per hour. If you reckon that an insurer would offer two hours for a modest bumper or headlamp repair, then you can see that it really doesn’t take many jobs of this kind to pay for your month’s rental.

    Is it just plastic systems included?

    No. As well as plastic systems you can choose any of our systems right across the board, from small damage to steel and aluminium panel repair. Of course, terms vary depending on the system you wish, but the rental agreements are all affordable and straightforward.

    As a rental customer, would I get access to the same training you offer to firms who buy your systems?

    Yes of course. We want your team to get the most from the system or systems you choose, so you will be given access to our brand new online training academy, as well as being able to contact our experts at any time with technical queries.

    What are the next steps?

    Call 07834 620464 or email and we can answer any questions you may have.

  7. Eco celebrates brand new website with 15% off your first purchase from our online shop

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    From today, we will be offering 15% off every customer’s first online order through our website.

    The discount is activated by quoting the offer code SAVE15 at checkout, and applies both to credit card and account customers.

    Managing director Trevor Ferris commented:

    “The new website represents months of careful planning, as well as a significant investment to offer customers and prospective customers an attractive and informative experience. It has been developed to make the process of choosing and purchasing our repair systems, tools and accessories as easy and convenient as possible, as well as reflecting our new visual brand.

    Anyone wishing to purchase systems, accessories or consumables will find the new online shop very convenient, with simple online ordering for credit card and account customers.

    Those who simply want to find out a bit more about who we are, what we do and how we can help their business are sure to find the website helpful, with a range of engaging video content to explain our systems and how they can assist a repair business.”

    The website contains useful product information on small damage repair, plastic repair and panel repair, as well as a comprehensive shopfront for all accessories, spare parts and consumables.

    Eco’s new Training Academy forms part of the site, with a line-up of comprehensive videos reserved for repairers who purchase our plastic, small damage and panel repair systems. These bespoke presentations detail everything a technician needs to know in order to make the very best use of the technology their employer has invested in.

    Backing up the videos is exclusive access to Eco’s technical advice team, ensuring that no one gets left scratching their head with an unanswered question.

  8. The importance of proper sanitising in response to the COVID-19 pandemic

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    All businesses – not just repairers – have a similar goal: to earn a profit while keeping team members and customers comfortable and safe. During the coronavirus pandemic, businesses must adapt quickly so that they can re-open, stay open and operate safely again.

    We all want to be sure we are doing what is required to keep staff and the public safe in as efficient a manner as possible. This includes regular and effective sanitising and disinfecting techniques to limit the spread of the coronavirus.

    Here at Eco Repair Systems, we know that having a clean business environment is now more important than ever. That’s why we’re proud to introduce you to HYGIENE – the system that lets you sanitise any work environment in a few minutes. With HYGIENE you can sanitise in a few minutes… the cockpit of a vehicle, the workstations and desks of an office, company locker rooms, meeting rooms, waiting rooms, production machines used by different workers and many other environments. The sanitising treatment is carried out by atomising a disinfectant on surfaces and in the environments you need to treat. Using a medical-grade air compressor that’s coated on the inside to prevent rust, hygiene sprays the disinfectant where it’s needed and in the right concentration.

    How it works:

    HYGIENE’s sanitising treatment is carried out by atomising a disinfectant on surfaces and in the environments we need to treat. We recommend the use of a professional and certified product. The disinfectant is sprayed with a medical-grade air compressor that has some special features. For example, there’s an internal coating to the air tank which prevents rust. Also, the system works without lubrication, so there is no risk of oil emulsifying with moisture – and no contamination of the sprayed air.

    What’s included?

    HYGIENE is supplied complete with sanitisation dispensing gun and spiral tube, user maintenance manual and a 10-litre container of Sanibact bactericidal and virucidal disinfectant.

    Next steps

    Call the team at Eco Repair Systems on 07834 620464 or email